The People of Norðurál

We come from all over

Norðurál is an international workplace. We don’t discriminate on the grounds of sex, origin, religion or sexuality. A diverse workforce strengthens our operation and is a key ingredient in our outstanding results.

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Training and Career Development

The employees of Norðurál have various opportunities to educate themselves further and develop their careers. The need for training and career developments is assessed every year in accordance with the ambition and competence of the individual and the needs of the company. Promising employees are encouraged to seek further development and training.

Norðurál’s School of Heavy Industry

Norðurál has operated a School of Heavy Industry since 2012. The purpose of the school is to help our employees increase their skills, knowledge and understanding of the main processes in producing aluminum in a safe and efficient manner, in order to make them more satisfied and confident in their work.


Gunnar Guðlaugsson CEO
Sólveig Kr. Bergmann Head of
Fjalar Ríkharðsson Engineering Manager
Gauti Höskuldsson Potroom and Rodding Shop Manager
Kristinn Bjarnason Finance Manager
Ólafur Arnar Friðriksson Casthouse Manager
Sigrún Helgadóttir HR and Procurement Manager
Steinunn Dögg Steinsen Safety and Environment Manager

The Employee Association STNA

Norðurál’s Employee Association, STNA, manages social work and organizes entertainments, travel, education and other events.

The association oversees Christmas preparations, annual and summer festivals and supports the activities of various independent staff members — fishing company, golf club and football club.