Environment and Community

Norðurál's Environmental Policy

Norðurál emphasizes that its operations are conducted in harmony with the environment. We strive to minimize the environmental impact as well as promoting the responsible use of energy and raw materials. Norðurál promotes increased environmental awareness and staff participation in reforms. Norðurál meets the requirements in operating licenses, laws and regulations on environmental issues.

Our environmental goals:
- Minimizing emission
- Employees know the environmental impact of the operation
- Responsible recycling and disposal.

Norðurál´s environmental management system is certified by the international ISO 14001 standard.

The best researched area of the country

Hvalfjörður is one of Iceland’s best researched areas. Independent research and monitoring of more than 100 different environmental factors. The results show that Norðurál meets or exceeds all requirements in the operational license and regulations. Environmental Report 2019

Norðurál has implemented green accounting to its operations, which is a comprehensive record of all materials sent to and from the aluminum smelter. Our aim is to limit environmental impact.
Green Accounting 2019
Green Accounting 2018
Green Accounting 2017

Big and Small Community Projects

Every year Norðurál supports various kinds of community projects. Applications for a Norðurál community grant should be submitted by e-mail along with information on the project and the estimated capital requirements. We review the applications four times a year.