Quality and Responsibility

Norðurál prioritizes safety and health. All employees are aware of the importance of safety protocols and conduct in the workplace, and respect at all times the principle that no job should be done under unsafe circumstances. Active participation by employees in accident prevention and in making improvements is emphasized. Norðurál adheres to all laws and regulations concerning safety and health.

Quality policy

Norðurál produces aluminum according to customer needs in a responsible, safe and competitive manner. Emphasis is placed on employees´ quality awareness and participation in continuous improvement. Norðurál is a responsible member of the community and complies with the laws and regulations of the company. The quality management system is regularly reviewed and improved.

Quality objectives

  • Satisfied customers
  • Efficient production
  • Outstanding products


Environmental policy

Norðurál emphasizes that the company’s operations are in harmony with the environment. Minimizing environmental impacts and responsible use of energy and raw materials are constantly being worked on. Nordural promotes increased environmental awareness and staff participation in reforms. Norðurál meets the requirements in operating licenses, laws and regulations on environmental issues.

Environmental objectives

  • Emission minimization
  • Employees know the environmental impact of the operations
  • Responsible recycling and disposal


Safety and health policy

Safety and health is a priority at Norðurál. Employees are familiar with risks and safe working methods and that no task should be undertaken in unsafe conditions. Emphasis is placed on active involvement of staff when it comes to prevention and improvement. Norðurál complies with health and safety laws and regulations.

Safety and health objectives

  • Accident-free workplace
  • Employee health protection
  • Employee participation in prevention


Human rights and gender equality policy

Norðurál emphasizes employees equal rights to careers advancement, wages and rights, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or origin. Norðurál conducts its operations and business with respect for human rights. Norðurál practices continuous reform and complies with human rights and equality laws and regulations.

Human rights and equality objectives

  • Prevention of bullying, harassment and other violence
  • Promote gender balance
  • Equal pay for comparable jobs


Data and information management policy

Norðurál emphasizes that the company’s data is always reliable and available. Procedures for handling data and information is coordinated and its storage is secured. Norðurál meets legal requirements regarding handling of data and information.

Data and information management objectives

  • Secure and coordinated storage of data
  • Reliable information from company data
  • Employees are familiar with Norðurál’s data and information management


Procurement policy

Norðurál emphasizes that all procurement is performed with integrity, responsibility and practicality. Norðurál conducts its operation in such a manner that quality, environmental, safety and health matters are taken into account in all procurement. Norðurál strives for continuous improvements and meets legal requirements regarding procurement.

Procurement objectives

  • Responsibility, integrity, and practicality
  • Quality and stability of the operation is secured
  • Employees are familiar with responsible procurement procedures