Ethical behavior

Norðurál’s parent company, Century Aluminum Company, and its subsidiaries are committed to ethical behavior and comply with the laws around the world. US and international laws and regulations prohibit corrupt business practices, e.g. abnormal facilities and misrepresentations in accounting and other data.

The purpose of the policy is to establish standards and procedures that employees are required to adhere to in order to ensure compliance with the law and ensure the good reputation of a company that conducts honorable business.

Code of conduct

Century Aluminum Company, the parent company of Norðurál, and all related companies are committed to complying with the strictest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity in business. The management signs of code of ethics which sets out clear guidelines for combating dishonesty and immorality in conduct and promoting that all of the company’s operations meet these requirements.

Employees may not allow, offer, promise or provide payments in cash or other valuables, directly or through a third party, to a public official or employee of a private sector company, nor to a spouse, cohabitant, child or other relative of any such party for the purpose of having influence or reward for the actions or decision making of such parties or to obtain improper benefits. In the same way, employees and their immediate family may not demand, accept or receive payments or other valuable directly or through third parties in excess of normal business practice.

Statement of the Board