Turning Candles into Bicycles

Approximately three million tea lights are burned in Iceland every year. The aluminum cups for just three such candles are sufficient to produce a single aluminum soda can. A thousand cups suffice to create a bicycle, says Pétur Blöndal, the managing director of Samál. A special recycling initiative for the aluminum tea light cups has been launched. 

95% Less Energy Needed for Recycling

He also points out that aluminum recycling only requires 5% of the energy originally needed to produce it. “So this reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as creating value for recycling centers.”

The aluminum cups gathered for the initiative are not sent abroad but to Málmsteypan Hella foundry. Pétur says that many ideas have been put forward as to how its best to use the aluminum. 

“This is a pilot project so we’re feeling our way forward. This is a trend in society. People want to recycle and make the world a better place by reducing waste, so I think they are expecting more opportunities to contribute to this positive and important process.”