Green Accounting

Norðurál keeps and publishes its Green Accounting, covering all aspects of its operations, from the smelter itself, to paper waste in the back office and recycling in the mess hall. The full report is published annually and delivered to the Environment Agency of Iceland in accordance with law and regulations.

Green Accounting is a detailed overview over all materials that enter the company and all materials that leave the premises, in the form of finsihed product, waste, or recyclable materials. The aim of Green Accounting is to improve the company’s ability to identify opportunities to increase efficiency, improve processes, reduce waste and increase general awareness of environmental issues throughout the manufacturing process.

Norðurál’s Green Accounting Reports show clear and steady improvements in all major areas, from large-scale improvements in efficiency of key manufacturing stages, to a greener office, savings of vehicle fuel and phasing out of various disposable materials.

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Green Accounting Reports 2017-2021: