Low-Carbon Aluminum for Premium Products

Pure aluminum from pure energy

At Norðurál Grundartangi, 600 employees work round the clock using electricity from Iceland’s renewable resources to process pure aluminum from aluminum oxide. Our product, pure aluminum and various aluminum alloys, are shipped to international customers, turning green energy from falling water and geothermal heat into one of Iceland’s most valuable exports.

In Grundartangi since 1997

Norðurál in Grundartangi is among the largest aluminum plants in Europe, with an annual production of 317.000 tons and approximately 600 employees. With Norðurál, Icelanders convert a fragment of the country’s power to a 600 million dollar export product while at the same time promoting the use of environmentally friendly energy sources and materials for vehicles, packaging and numerous other things.

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Our place of work is unusual in a few ways. The “Pot Rooms” are not really rooms, but massive buildings covering a stretch of almost 3 miles. Our stock room is no pantry either, with massive coils of spare wire stacked 60 feet from the ground. We welcome groups for guided tours. Send us a request for a tour by e-mail or call +354 430 1000 and we’ll do our best to find a convenient time to accommodate you.