Procurement and Suppliers

To facilitate efficient and pleasant transactions we ask all our suppliers to familiarize themselves with the applicable terms and conditions set by Norðurál. All tenders, engineering projects, and quality control work must follow various standards, which should be studied thoroughly. All work performed on Norðurál premises must comply fully with the safety standards set by the company.

Principal Standards, Safety Rules and Conditions:

These terms apply to Norðurál Grundartanga ehf. and Norðurál ehf.

Norðurál Payment Terms

Norðurál pays invoices for goods and services before the end of the month after the costs were incurred, provided that the invoice is delivered no later than the 5th working day of the month. We do not pay bank orders. Each order must be billed separately.

All accounts must contain the Reference No. and bank account information. Lack of this information can cause payments to be delayed.


All Invoices must include a work order number. Only one work order no. is permitted on each invoice.

Invoices will not be approved unless the appropriate documentation is attached, such as approved time sheet, material requirements, purchase orders and the like.

Invoices must show VAT amounts clearly as a separate line item and clearly show separate amounts for work performed and materials used. Invoices should be issued monthly for services rendered in that month.

Billing Information

Invoice should be made to the relevant Company:

Norðurál Grundartangi ehf.
ID No. 570297-2609
301 Akranes
VAT no. 54495

Norðurál ehf.
Id. no. 470404-2130
Skógarhlíð 12
105 Reykjavík
VAT no. 99744

Mail all bills and documents to:

Norðurál Grundartangi ehf.
301 Akranes