General Purchase Terms

These terms apply to Norðurál ehf., Norðurál Grundartangi ehf. and for their suppliers, for the purchase of goods and services. In these terms, the following definitions apply:

  • Norðurál: Norðurál ehf., Norðurál Grundartangi ehf. and/or
  • Supplier: The person who sells goods or services to Norðurál products according to order
  • Party/Parties: By party we mean Norðurál and supplier/by parties we mean supplier and Norðurál



1.1. Purchase orders for goods and services are valid only for the quantity, amount, goods and services specified on the purchase order, unless otherwise stated.

1.2. As a general rule, the supplier must only deliver goods against an issued purchase order. A supplier who delivers goods without a valid purchase order may run the risk of not being paid for his goods.



2.1. A purchase order for goods and services must include information on:

  • Type of product/service
  • Unit size and number of units
  • Unit price, total order price and shipping costs where applicable
  • Delivery time
  • Delivery point and carrier



3.1. In any case, the supplier must confirm the purchase order in writing within 2 working days after its receipt.
3.1.1. Confirmation by email to the email address

3.2. The order does not become effective until confirmation by the supplier according to art. 3.1 above.

3.3. Confirmation of the supplier according to Article 3.1. also includes his acceptance of the terms stated in the purchase order and purchase terms.
3.3.1. If the information about the product, service, price or other, specified in the purchase order, is not in accordance with the offer or information from the supplier, he must without undue delay contact Norðurál’s purchasing department (see information in article 3.1.1) who will either correct or cancel the purchase order.



4.1. Products must be delivered and services provided at the location or carrier specified in the purchase order.

4.2. If a transporter is specified, the supplier shall, unless otherwise stated, deliver the goods to his transport station located closest to the supplier.

4.3. Norðurál does not pay separately for the transport of goods from the supplier to the delivery point (transportation station where applicable), unless this is specifically specified as a special item in the purchase order, and such costs are therefore normally included in the total price of the order, unless otherwise specified.

4.4. If products are delivered elsewhere than what was requested in the purchase order, Norðurál reserves the right to collect from the supplier all additional costs that Norðurál may incur as a result, and to deduct payment for product purchases.



5.1. The specified delivery time above is based on the delivery location specified in the purchase order.



6.1. The supplier is not permitted to transfer the purchase order in whole or in part to a third party without the written consent of Norðurál.



7.1. The supplier must arrange and pack the goods in such a way that they are not at risk of being damaged or degraded during transport to the specified delivery point in accordance with purchase order.

7.2. All packaging and packages must be marked Norðurál, and with the order number of the purchase order.

7.3. All shipments of the supplier must be accompanied by a packing list and/or an invoice.

7.4. Products must be marked with the supplier’s product number or product name.

7.5. In the case of dangerous products and/or chemical products, a safety data sheet must be attached to the product (SDS).

7.6. In the case of dangerous goods and/or chemical products, they must be in appropriate packaging/packages and labeled in accordance with laws and regulations as appropriate.

7.7. The supplier must strive to choose packaging that protects the product from damage during transport, is environmentally friendly, multi-use and/or recyclable and try to minimize it as much as possible.



8.1. Norðurál pays invoices for product audits/works by the end of the month following the audit, provided that original invoices are received no later than on the fifth business day after the end of the audit month, unless otherwise stated in the purchase order. If the invoice does not match the order, it may result in a delay in payment. Norðurál does not pay bills according to payment slips.

8.2. The supplier shall create a separate invoice for each order or delivery.

8.3. All invoices for construction or maintenance projects received by Norðurál must have a specific project number/order number. A separate invoice must be made for each job (job number/order number) performed. An invoice will not be approved unless certain supporting documents accompany the invoice, so that its validity can be assessed, e.g. approved working time report, material report or other related to invoice payment.

8.4. The invoice must show in a clear and distinguishable manner the amount for work or materials and the amount of value added tax. The invoice must also break down the total costs for work, materials and the total number of working hours. An invoice must be issued in the month the work is done.

8.5. Lack of the above information can lead to delays in payments. During such a delay, Norðurál is not obliged to pay interest on the delay and/or other costs resulting from it.

8.6. Accounts in Icelandic króna must not contain aurar (part of a króna).

8.7. Invoices must be sent electronically via instant messaging, to, or by mail to:

Norðurál Grundartangi ehf.
301 Akranes

Invoices must be addressed to the appropriate company

Norðurál Grundartangi ehf
Id. 570297-2609
301 Akranes
VAT nr. 54495

Norðurál ehf.
Id. 470404-2130
Skógarhlíð 12
105 Reykjavík
VAT no. 99744



9.1. Norðurál reserves the right to return products according to purchase order to supplier within 30 days of delivery, provided that products are unused and in original packaging. The same applies if products, specially ordered and prepared, according to Norðurál’s wishes, do not meet the product description submitted by the supplier before the order was placed.Norðurál reserves the right to return products according to purchase order to supplier within 30 days of delivery, provided that products are unused and in original packaging. The same applies if products, specially ordered and prepared, according to Norðurál’s wishes, do not meet the product description submitted by the supplier before the order was placed.

9.2. If the supplier delivers the wrong product, Norðurál reserves the right to resend the products at the supplier’s expense.



10.1. A supplier who sells products or services to Norðurál must comply with the provisions of collective agreements with unions, and this applies equally to contractors and their subcontractors.

10.2. The supplier must comply with the laws on facilities, hygiene, pollution prevention and safety at workplaces. The supplier must also respect the law on waste management.

10.3. The supplier must ensure that persons who enter or work in Norðurál’s area are over 18 years of age and follow Norðurál’s safety rules: Norðurál’s safety rules – Nordural.



11.1. The supplier must notify Norðurál of foreseeable non-fulfillment of its obligations under the purchase order.

11.2. If the supplier materially fails to fulfill its obligations under the purchase order, Norðurál is entitled to cancel the purchase order, upon prior challenge to the supplier, where he is given a certain deadline for compliance.

11.3. Regarding Norðurál’s other remedies for non-compliance by suppliers with obligations according to the purchase order, refer to Act no. 50/2000 on the purchase of liquid assets and the general rules of claim law.



12.1. Norðurál is authorized to cancel a purchase order in case of insolvency of the supplier, i.e. has been unsuccessfully seized from the supplier, in the event of the supplier’s suspension of payment or in the event of his bankruptcy.



13.1. Neither party shall be liable to the other for non-fulfilment of obligations under the purchase order if the reasons for the non-fulfilment can be attributed to external forces beyond our control (Force Majeure).

13.2. Uncontrollable forces (Force Majeure) include i.a. acts of war, occupation, revolution, insurrection, riot, insurrection, mobbing, vandalism, conflagration, embargo, general stoppage of navigation or transport or any adverse event which cannot be reasonably prevented or controlled by affected party.



14.1. A purchase order shall be subject to Icelandic law and the jurisdiction of Icelandic courts.

14.2. If a dispute arises between the parties regarding the purchase order and these purchase terms, an attempt shall be made to resolve it by agreement between the parties. If no agreement can be reached, the case must be prosecuted in Icelandic courts.



15.1. Norðurál processes personal information about the supplier’s employees in accordance with Norðurál’s privacy policy, which is available on Norðurál’s website, cf. Privacy policy – Nordural

15.2. Force majeure is considered to be military action, revolution, riots, riots, riots, mobs, vandalism, fire, transport bans, general stopping of shipping or transport or any kind of incident that can not be prevented or controlled by reason of its party that occurred.

15.3. The party wishing to carry out unmanaged forces under this Article shall have a burden of proof of the existence of such unmanaged catches. That party shall promptly notify the other party of uncontrollable forces that cause failure or negligence to fulfill their own obligations under a purchase order or purchase terms.


For further information, please contact:

The Purchasing Department of Norðurál, phone 430 1000, email

Norðurál’s Bookkeeping Department, tel. 430 1000, e-mail