Norðurál receives recognition for gender equality

Norðurál recently received recognition from the Women in Business Association (FKA). The recognition is given to those companies that have taken action to equalize the share of women in senior management and have managed to equalize the proportion of the sexes at the top of management. Norðurál was there in a good group of companies and institutions, with a total of 53 recognition holders.

“Receiving this recognition is very gratifying for us, as Norðurál has worked systematically to equalize the share of the sexes in all areas. Equality concern us all and we are all responsible for improving what needs to be improved,” says Sigrún Helgadóttir, Plant Manager of Norðurál Grundartangi.

Norðurál has focused on increasing the number of women in all areas within the company, but many jobs in aluminum production are of such a nature that the vast majority of employees have historically been male. There are no compelling reasons for this, however, and a modern smelter is far from being a men’s workplace where women should experience themselves as outsiders or in supporting roles. “We are proud of the results that have been achieved and we are always trying to do better, as we work in a place where the team as a whole matters,” Sigrún says.